National Baking Week

Joining the Baking Revolution is Easier than You Think

A swiss roll, yummy!

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Swiss Roll

Great British Bake Off Winner, John Whaite, proved in his masterclass that baking is not only making a comeback but that it’s accessible, easy and fun.

National Baking Week begins 14-20th October and John Whaite couldn’t be happier to welcome back what he calls 'a great British tradition'. While attending his baking masterclass, it was impossible not to share his enthusiasm for his passion, while watching him prepare (and getting to taste!) an array of baked goods.

Baking is making a comeback as it’s become more accessible with all the machines and gadgets that are now available. Mixing by hand is a thing of the past, or for those who enjoy a work out. In fact, Whaite said even having a tiny kitchen in his flat hasn’t held him back since all you need is a good stand up mixer.

While he doesn’t completely dismiss current fads in flavours and flavour pairings, he does think that the best way to figure out which flavours complement one another and are to your liking, is to just get into the kitchen and experiment.

Baking tends to intimidate a lot of people because of its science-like nature: exact measurements and precise instructions which are key to successful baking. However, once you tackle that initial mental block and bake something that sounds a little more complicated, say the impressive and delicious Salted Caramel and Chocolate Swiss Roll, you’ll realise it’s not actually as hard as you think.

Another thing that holds people back is the idea that baking is really only about sweet things. But baking isn’t limited to just sweet cakes and tarts, savoury dishes can be celebrated equally, as he demonstrated with the Fillet Steak and Stilton Pasties.

While watching Whaite prepare and talk us through a Gluten Free Pistachio and Chocolate Torte (which merely involved blitzing together ingredients in a food processor, whisking some egg whites and mixing it all together), he quickly listed several other flavour combinations that would work well using the same recipe, proving that not only is baking versatile but also a lot of fun.

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