12 money saving tips

Here are our 12 Savvy Money Saving Tips - eating doesn’t have to be part of the austerity plan too.

12 Money saving tips

Here are  the last six of our top 12 money saving tips. If you've got any other good money saving tips that we haven't mentioned why not email us us and let us know.

7 Eat seasonally

You’ll have noticed that soft fruits particularly, but also many vegetables, cost more out of season. Even though you can get most fruit or vegetables all year round, they’ll always cost less if they are in season, so it’s better for your pocket to eat seasonally. Check out http://eatseasonably.co.uk/ for advice on seasonal produce. On top of the economic benefit, bear in mind the environmental benefits, UK grown seasonal produce hasn’t been flown thousands of miles spew CO2 as it goes.

8 Grow your own

Those lucky enough to have the space can grow their own vegetables. It’s pretty easy to grow salad and tomatoes in containers if you have less space. My salad gets cut from a growbag! There’s nothing better than picking fresh salad leaves from the garden and tossing them in your salad bowl. Where space is at a premium you can always have a little herb garden on your kitchen window sill. Fresh herbs are a fantastic addition to your meals.

9 Well stocked storecupboard

A store cupboard stoked with the essential staples like pasta, beans, rice, tinned tomatoes, couscous, noodles, flour, stock cubes, dried herbs and spices, etc is a must for any cook. You’d be surprised at how creative and resourceful you can be if you suddenly found your fridge empty and all the shops are closed. There’s no need to resort to a take away if you don’t mind using a little imagination.

10 Storage and Freezing

Fresh produce like meat, fruit and vegetables have a short shelf life so it’s important that the food is properly stored so they don’t go to waste. Sounds obvious but even I get caught out by fruit spoiling at the bottom my fruit bowl occasionally. This is a great site for hints and tips for storage and freezing: http://storingandfreezing.co.uk/

11 Don’t shop when you are hungry

Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs when we are hungry. From my own experience, it‘s quite dangerous to go grocery shopping when hungry, instead of thinking in ingredients I think in meals and in meals I can eat soon! That usually means pricey ready meals and processed foods.

12 Use coupons or vouchers where possible

Supermarket coupons are available on the internet but beware that not all supermarkets will accept all coupons – check the small print. You can get supermarket coupons from beforeIshop.co.uk and from http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/supermarket-coupons

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